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have listed just four people
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still is being killed in this class. some residents are being allowed to return home this morning. kron4 star and has more. we have order, no power. >> she's getting this your home for the first time since the right duration. >> i am good. i'm saved. >> big relief. this isn't just a host it's always prefer family is the place where she raised her children sobered birthdays and greeted like a long memories. >> it's easy to say it's on the stuff and it's on your hearts. but this life. >> her house for the most part is in good shape no damage. and neighbors not so lucky. these are just some of the house as half a block away gone. it's all well and good when i needed to
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see it. and i have seen it. " thank you god. >> think you because everything is still there all the photos especially her wedding picture her husband passed away back in may. >> wedding albums. it has everything, the pictures of grandchildren, my recent pledges of my grandchildren. >> even though she was glad to back in our house sunday. she did not state, she said it is too soon. i do not think it would be years 9. i have seen in now and i know what to expect tomorrow. but airline experience its nine. >> she is not alone a few people have said they are not ready to stay in their houses ring now. they say they need some more time to process all this. later on tonight, monday night she leaving in her own bed. san bruno, da lin, kron4 news. >> and most of your lives on
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yesterday others are at least getting a chance to see what is left of their houses, reggie kumar continues our coverage. >> 93 homes have been deemed safe enough for residents to move back into. on this street that i am standing on this is a row homes for people were allowed to move back into the lights are still off and some of those homes pg&e crews are working to this. if you look beyond those homes were this hoo=lçrelates are that is wheree pipeline exploded. that is the disaster site that's our ;nká that is where workers are trying to repair that the gas line. at this point is not clear what is going to happen to the residence that owns more than eight your homes there were úbñ1çw3
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new information. all that is available at let's get an update on your forecast as we head into his work week. >> could morning. clear shot of the golden gate, a little bit of fog. not too broad. clear ride this morning. we're also doing some increasing cloud cover through the day to day as we headed the afternoon to get a little bit breezy and is a slight chance as the showers by this weekend. let's get ahead and take a look insideathathath
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this morning the gas line explosion in san bruno we're learning more votes are the victims died they could a mother and daughter. " jaqueline agreed and her daughter. ironically, jacqueline with the long time palace for the utilities commission part of the team that is in reviewing the plans to upgrade the same gas line ruptured. she would to school in san francisco she was a student or the president and while light. she and her mother were home when that lasted. two other
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rivers words attending a back- to-school dance. diskette process died in the explosion she didn't reportedly been better for a friend's house the couple were born to watch a football game. this is a photo them her boyfriend was badly burned and friends say he tried desperately to save her but could not. he's a student at skyline college he is hospitalized in critical. all four days ago and neighborhood in the city of san bruno was on fire, a fire that roared for hours. and so finally the last embers were about. you can see were the look like last thursday compared friday. kron4 is jeff pierce talked with several families with what it was like to come home. >> those who came back to the shells packed neighborhood on sunday at a new appreciation for home means.
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>> could have a home still standing. the sale of debt assumed that tempers that appreciation. >> side. this is my neighborhood. >> it could got a lot worse. their release by the realization that the neighborhood has been for change. as an driving down glenview i can barely looked down i mean it's an almost looked out my window it also means it's blocked, i will be reminded of it every time i come home as and coming down rendell because of the creek is gone. >> we're praying for the families that have lost their homes hopefully what we can serve the community now tubs and
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bernard back together. >> a group of employes we are seeing closely examined in large freshly dug pits on saturday. they discourage the fed appears to, it is adjacent to the fire area pg&e is not commenting on the specifics of this new crater there are continuing to inspect more and more in the gas line. we continue our coverage on our web site at and we will continue to welcome your photos and videos as well, you can watch word years every sense in alabama, with links to other services, the red cross, information on-contact investigators with their permission all that is available on our set up quick break, back with more interest in minute. outside and a live look of san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well. as always weather, traffic updates are never far away here on the kron 4 morning news.
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we'll be right back.
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in merrimack, developing story sandron of the gas line explosion, people whose homes are considered safe enough were allowed to go back inside yesterday afternoon, it was a process that began around noon kron4 is taking down at one long some of those residents for allowed back to still left. >> located directly above the area where the explosion occurred this the first century and your husband has said for it into their homes. and the first time she see in the aftermath with her own eyes. it feels real. you see your name herd now vanished. we are lucky to dollars down the houses are gone. we're small damages, its repair a roll. there zubov lost everything. i recognize the neighborhood. it is pretty sad.
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it is just a weird feeling am so happy that even the answers are still alive. >> piccinni personnel or ever were, going door-to-door to make sure everything was safe for the homeowners to be able to inhabit their homes. neighbors d'albert gathered to take a look at the destroyed homes for the first time since the migration on thursday. ruby has lived with her family all her life. it bid to run from the house on thursday night and for the first time the view from above looks very different. >> and may still want to help, but as one of these other communities. it was suicide. >> dave guingona, kron4 news. >> these two dogs are reunited
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with their owners for the first time since thursday's explosion for tenure of chance and four year-old suzuki were home when the boss said, the owners could i get back and said yesterday they knew their home was not damaged their story about the dogs, until the herd from animal control. >> and control was able to get into the backyard and check on them, we did none of the conditions. so we start damage control of troubled times the insurers that could see them both moving around. but the food and water for them. so we knew there were so eating and drinking. i'd think that is our biggest concern. the doors were left alone. they don't do well on four as of july so this was the been terrifying for them. >> dave johnson and roslyn young have lived in the house since 1983. another news, a body
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found has now been positively identified as frederick cells, the body of the third five road was discovered in the same home where the bottom of his father was found last month, police believe that both men were killed by efferent waldemar. he was shot and killed in richmond. city jam lived in the same, as the two men her body was found in a card that he was driving during the police chase. it is been a real roller-coaster ride for one of the u.s. hikers the is being held and i ron they keep changing their mind on whether not there will lead sarah ago. the latest nasa says there will ever go before price. >> and no waffle by the running government after saying that due out years hiker is there would be released then sing she wouldn't be now they're saying she can be released in exchange
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for half a million dollars in bail money. the announcement coming on sunday as senior prosecutor saying a ron is offering to release arab because of a medical condition she is suffering from. a spokesman hiker's lawyer who said the met with hikers earlier what is remarkable is the first time the lawyer has met with diem since it was fired.them since he was l three appeared to being good conditions there was happy although her which is to see her fellow hikers released as well. since they do not have diplomatic rations the swizzle play the role of mediator in this matter. it is very likely sears family will deliver the money to switch officials and then dismissed embassy will transfer the money to the judiciary and that is when the release will take place. as far as the other to hikers, the
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senior prosecutor says they're not going anywhere, he also said on sunday there's enough evidence that the shows they were spying for the u.s. when they allegedly crossed into iranian territory in july of 2009 spying is a serious crime in our ron one that carries a possible death penalty of your deal is far from over for those two individuals but did the good news for sarah, if army officials do not change their minds once again. analysts say the waffling over the last few days is evidence of deep decisions that emerged after the election of june 2009. residents >> bill is set at five and a thousand dollars may be in the next day to the money will be paid. we'll take a look no weather, good morning louisa. >> good morning james. a lot of
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this morning but patchy nature. written sandron of pushing of places like san bruno, morgan hill's mental as well. the peninsula is not too bad this morning. here is a look at your current temperatures. 55 san francisco, 58 oakland, 58 mountain view, 56 san jose, 55 san francisco, into the afternoon in the mid-70s. 77 fl, 68 richmond, 78 concord, 77 napa. 66 oakland, 71 m mountain view, 77 more than help.morgan tuesday getting back into the 80s and some of the warmer in the spots '60s continue for much of the week as a brick and saturday, sunday we're watching the storm system to the north of us we could start adding some
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raindrops as a maker way through w'g a dry, there's a slightgb?no cag no carrier ring no carrierring no carrier ring no carrier ring
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fear weather on this day to come on so pg&e workers are going door to door to check for leaks and live for all the gas
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appliances there are also turning on the pilot sites for water heaters, furnaces, their job basically is to ensure the returning residences that their homes are safe. >> makes everyone feel a lot better when they can go and check every one of your finances and make sure everything is safe. with that reassurance to appeal to sleep a little better night. >> pg&e said the workers will remain at your until every single home is checked and figures. mark save. >> new video of the video of the day the explosion took place. >> what the fbeep. >> this video was taken from
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hundreds below the gas 5 the voice you hear is walter he had one hand on his video camera the other on his phone telling his three children. this is the view from that debt now walter and his wife were led back sunday afternoon to their house for the first time since the explosion. >>ñ:u just looking at all thisi sought from and is being here and looking at all this there's no words, i cannot explain. >> there's still sifting thrashed searching for remains of people still listed missing. as investigators try to learn what caused the explosion questions have surfaced about the section of pipe the blue. the pg&e document outlining costar for is the right says the likelihood of a failure makes risk of failure at this location unacceptably high. that does not mean fijian thought the fight could explode but mark
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tony executive projector of utility reform says it is important if reports that residents spelled gas are true. no one could imagine to as something as horrible as the same burrow blast happening but the fact remains that when pg&e got to the reports of gas leaks from several customers over several days they should realize that this was an area that was told there was a high- risk and identify the virus. >> investigators a leading the investigation are looking into reports. and how piccinni responded. >> we would ask anyone who says that the smog gas and called again to let us know. they plan to move back when they say it is safe to do so their homes
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hovered on the money their marriage but the neighbor will never be the same. >> congresswoman jackie cyril's be holding a town hall meeting tonight for those residents affected to be discussing the investigation and dryer best to answer questions from the audience if you'd like to attend the meeting starts at 8:00 p.m. just across this street from the neighborhood in question. on monetary drive in san bruno. still kron4 for continuing coverage to remember you can always log in at any time to for the very latest including all press conferences, but reports, interviews with those affected by the incident all those available at let us get a check on the forecast, louisa is standing by. good morning. >> good morning. seeing a little bit of the patchy fog is to the cloud cover the like experienced wincreasing clout through the dy
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there's a chance to get a little bit breezy as we head into the afternoon. a slight chance of some showers for the weekend. it could stay dry but there's a slight chance of a storm dropping into the north. it is settled into the gap, into fremont, livermore. again my apology fog. 58 and oakland, save for hayward. that of those guards 57 degrees. so by the chilean napa. as we head into the afternoon similar to yesterday, 61 and sent to cisco. in 74 san jose fifties, sixties spread along the bay. could get the 73 in redwood city. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to show a warming trend it should stay dry for the
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most part a little bit of morning fog of their the weekend keeping an eye on our storm. for now keeping it out of the forecast, there could be a chance of some raindrops or the next couple of days. erica. >> not dealing with any hot spots, traffic is nice, light. it is the flaky to the bay bridge toll plaza very few cars c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4sé westbous those days we deers and westbous c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpno cag no carrier
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ringconnect 2400 
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's so pretty. anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover, where you can talk to a real person in less than a minute. it pays to discover. cnn's and bad, was very citythk
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picked up in the next 20 minutes. more weather, traffic in a mode. developing story before the lead to return home in veggies in san bruno had to go to a very detailed process. it involved insurance companies and reimbursements kron4 is christine connolly dark for the one man who went through. >> i am here at the local center teaches for the process here which bureaucracy through what you're doing for victims? >> what they're doing is you check with the red cross, the kind of finding out if your all motion of censure and then you go over to the pg&e people they make you fill these forms asking us to cement our formation to them to get reimbursed for expenses that are insurance companies do not cover. and now
4:41 am
you talk with pg&e is there another step? after that we turn oliver seats in to them gift herd as such a help our expenses. they favor the hotels, car rentals. the whole process has been smooth, their share and help us out with jury they can. >> it sounds like it was simple? >> yes. they're very well organized from the sun hole event started the city of san bruno has been well-organized. we're fairly happy with the way they're handling it. >> thank you. a lot of people are coming here's the local system senator, what they're doing is getting information about financial assistance, registering, there will be
4:42 am
during this debate. throughout >> one of the positive stories is the community reaction help is rolling in from all parts in all forms. many agencies to their weekend to help those in need. >> i feel good but i still sons. i feel sad for people the law so much and the people were impacted. >> if you want to help the fire victims the red cross is needing people to donate blood. take a look, get in contact with the blood centers of the pacific. they need type o negative blood that is when they need the most. meanwhile the giants want to help those affected, they will dedicate the next home game to the victims of simper and a fire the team says it will donate $3 for every ticket sold to the
4:43 am
city of saint bernard's fire fund and they will can't let donations as well. where are to take a break, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it's a mild 78 degrees beyond even get into the '80s. as far inland as even the delta. chronometer trans. hanging with his close friend of the week and by the weekend may be the chance of some showers.
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and i am back, golden gate, one n101 just handful of cars. morning commuters forecast coming up. some residents in the were evacuated from the neighborhood were allowed to return to their homes yesterday. building inspectors have
4:45 am
inspected and take 374 houses of those they gave 315 a green tag meeting the home owners are finding comeback nothing's damage. as in his right, again beginning yesterday. 10 homes got the yellow tag those have some damage to live in those hoses could only return to pick your belongings. and then of course there were the 49 houses that were read day to those were destroyed or how extensive damage and those will not be able to return to their homes at least for now. meanwhile 37 homes destroyed that is a lot of stuff to replace, clothing, food come maturities all of that is in slow short supply of badly needed. people throughout the bay have been making donations you can see them putting together care proxies one person told us that the help is greatly appreciated but another focus is the desire to get home and find what happened.
4:46 am
>> we would like to deal to get to back to our lot to see if anything is left. we have subbasement and maybe something is burned or top of it but something's arrive there. i think finally we do that the tragedy will have less. now i will take care of course for a lot of this works to get back to their homes for those stores densely be allowed back. services are in place to ease the transition from home to homelessness and then back to being in a home again. another angle the force of the cost really gets thrown we look at the before and after selling it for four as ride ago it shows how a tree-lined street turned into a wasteland. you can see
4:47 am
piles of ash where homes once stood. here's the before shot, it looks like a normal neighborhood. that area now as easy and after shot reduced to rubble it is being determined how safe is but it is a stark contrast between the four and the actor. surveillance video of the first moments after the explosion thursday we want to show that to you. video from the market in december and not far from where the explosion happened people started to move for the door some checking for cover what cheer as you will begin to scramble after the blast. and in a fireball on the horizon you can see how people reacted. i doubt wondering what was going on, was very to happen next. one man in the video their notice if you see he slips, falls as he runs for the door. a lot of people, there is slipping
4:48 am
and falling. a lot of you would just running for their lives and where was coming in next. pretty scary sight. meanwhile foremast shot porter was one of the people whose homes burned to the ground on thursday, great joy solace he was home when the gas line exploded. his son was ringnecks he has third degree burns to his head, arms and use of their his leg is bandaged up. doctors say he might not go under plastic surgery to one of his ears his wife and daughter were not home. he talked to kron4 as dave guingona about what happened. >> is burning ever i was on fire. the cross on the lawn had to be over hundred and 50 degrees. my shoes meltage. a kick them off and ran with the issues the rest away. a friend said to myself i can i go anymore allegis stock to and i started walking and i can deal
4:49 am
with it. i saw this man he had this to davis in his hand and he's running up the street with them and the back of his laserdisc bleeding everywhere. nobody was saying nothing, no words, no doubt know nothing. it was like a new killer bomb went off. i've never experienced anything like that. it was the most amazing thing ever experience. i'd is no one more minute it was over. i knew that. >> he bridges be than sen 1998 alembics his son was a star quarterback and is now playing in the canadian football league all the metals and memorabilia that him and his son had won all lost in the fire. we will continue coverage on the web site at and as always continue standing in your video and the photos will incorporated into our coverage
4:50 am
and you can see some good on our web site frazzles find links to the red cross and if you'd like to contact investigators with any new information there are instructions at let's get a quick check on the forecast. louisa. >> good monday morning. a shot this morning of albany, clear shot for you we're looking little little bit of fog what kind of catchy. not very widespread visibility's are fine we're dealing with an increasing cloud cover as well. stevin in time we should never been to the upper 50s high-temperature today 61 degrees to back down again to the december the o'clock hour. here's a look at that fog, it is renowned for half moon bay, rayon co signed on to morgan hill. also pocket the fog to san jose, fremont. trent and 55 degrees for san francisco laware there oakland. same goes for hayward, mind you. still that of chile this
4:51 am
morningthe kind of chili this m. nevada, napa 73. 16 and layout. it's very similar to where we were yesterday. redwood city 73. that is the south bay, los gatos coming in rerun 77, san jose 74. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. did show little bit of a warming trend over the next couple of days really not much change. 84 and some of the warmer and in spots. there's the upper 60s, saturday, sunday dry. we have arrived on the storm that is to the north of us if it could drop into our area bringing some light sprinkles and places in the north bay. we'll keep an eye on that and i know. erica. >> hearing of some major bart delays to sfo and daly city. do
4:52 am
do some trackside a criminal problems that is all i'm hearing rain now i will have more formation in our next report creek project, known from said the bay bridge still very few cars on the road had westbound that overnight construction i have been talking about is in the wrapping up process, no problems whatsoever as to make your way towards san francisco, your ride from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont is nine minutes. that is also an easy ride under way to san mateo, conditions are slightly thicker but still pretty decent. those spreads making their way into hayward rainout i will bump up your drive time 13 minutes. if this is going on your right to the golden gate bridge. it is very easy as driver of the morning. yourself fund drive is looking pretty good novato to san francisco 22 minute trip. highway 37 to 580 is a mixed.
4:53 am
westbound 802 all the conditions are very smooth. just a little bit of company as you make your way past golden great. james. >> thank you, we will take a quick break woo back with more headlines than just a few minutes i want to go back inside another check of what it looks like an san francisco, through camera is showing you low clouds, mild temperatures ever were around the bay it this afternoon. will you back with more in a moment.
4:54 am
then as an paget's of this morning here in the clear rate and to the golden gate along the coastline that into morgan hill and places like fremont, san
4:55 am
jose getting pocket the fog this morning. mid-50s for sanders is the upper 50s to oakland, hayward. as a maker which for 10:00 a.m. warming that temperatures in the '50s, '60s. up into the 60s by noon, high temperatures topping out in the '70s. really now warming up by much temperatures fairly similar to where we were yesterday at about 75 degrees to santa rosa. 77 and napa. topping out around 61 degrees. some of the upper '70's. 70 is the warm spot in places like livermore. 50s, 60s rerun the bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows a warming trend over the next couple of days. slight chance to recap some raindrops and the forecast for saturday, sunday watching a storm system that could kind of said it cells were in tears saturday bringing some
4:56 am
very light showers to places like the north bay. james. >> a quick update on the v m eight awards celebrities being badly took center stage. lady got but carry from eight trophies, insuring that she would not be overlooked with frequent costume changes and other awards included the best rock video, best art director and best and atari for j.c. and a decrease. the u.s. has controlled after world cost of champions if you missed a 21 year-old cabinet drawn scored 28 points. he took on the tournament mvp trophy. we're going to take a break, we will
4:57 am
be back with more headlines and of course the very latest from san bruno as we follow that developing story, here is a alive for me this is video from all over the weekend, the latest from the scene. we also have a live look roadside. and a shot of the cemetery bridge traffic is moving good. we are receiving word of the bird delays already this morning arafat will be along shortly with the details.
4:58 am
4:59 am
and we are back. 5:00 a.m., a top story the very latest on the very deadly san bruno gas line explosion. the investigation continues as regulators ordered piccinni to check for leaks and all the gas lines across the states. many residents there were evacuated or wickiup and their homes for the first time since last thursday and more
5:00 am
will get to return today. will hear from many coming up. a quick check on weather, traffic. an early checked this morning as we take a look better bridge camera >> did morning james, a quick look that your forecasts. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. to be an idea of what you can expect today temperatures are fairly similar to where we were yesterday warming it up ever so slightly the rest of the workweek not much has changed. but we're keeping our eye on the storm's for this weekend. at this point showers are of the forecast for the we do is tear down the many of the storms are to have suffered. eric up. >> major delays on bart 30 minutes to trackside equipment problems. i will have a complete check on traffic straight ahead. james. >> thank you, developing story the very latest on the deadly samper no gas line explosion. testing is being done on human remains that have been found at
5:01 am
the site of the blast at least four people have been confirmed killed yesterday to add a six people were located alive. that leaves for unaccounted for. the forecast of the local and federal domestication is on the pipe. we could be on the verge of a mass inspections of gas lines across the entire state of california kron4 is will tran is live with the very latest on the investigation. >> good morning james, the latest is the end t s be spent the night boxing up three sections. he told me that does tend feet of pipe on both sides of the pipe that exploded the box that up, they also took the peipus of the ruptured on thursday night they're trying to get them on a flatbed this morning and then ship it to washington d.c. for to be investigated so we will know hopefully what happened to that
5:02 am
caused the gas line to rupture. i asked how long it would take? week, month,? he said they are in the process that could take weeks, months. as cars and homes, most of the people are back in their homes this morning, i'd talk to the spokesperson for sambar no one of the city manager's he told me that over 200 of them have returned home a lot of them now have power, gas. water. this is not a home where the gun rather items of their leave. coming up by 5:30 a.m. there will be a live interview with the spokesperson for the ntsb to find out what they're looking for. and how long this process will take. specifically what they're looking for as well as what are they asking pg&e. genie is under fire, people want to know what happens specifically the smell of gas in the days before the rupture. back to you. >> thank you. i see the red
5:03 am
cross truck behind you, the bay bill mullis still commands under this morning. >> it is a very busy command center, the red cross is open for business obviously still taking their nations. although they are asking people now to send cash, they're overwhelmed with material donations of anyone wants to donate their * check or even give them cash as many of the donation centers and many of the bay area red cross centers, they are here to answer questions because the story will go on for days, weeks, if not months. there is still a lot of healing that needs to go on and obviously lots of questions the need to be answered. back you. >> thank you. we will get the latest from him periodically through the morning. meanwhile many of the rest some residents there were evacuated are waking up in their homes for the first time this morning. those houses that they been allowed to go home to of course are the ones
5:04 am
that were green eggs. each household was greeted with someone from pg need have inspected their gas in the house, then entered a bar kron4 them and factory had a chance to speak with one woman whose house was saved from the explosion but she wanted to see for herself. >> it is easy to say it is only stuff. it is on the house. but this is my life. everybody told us the house was fine. and that is all well and good. but i needed to see it. and have seen it. both think you got. >> the homes that were read to it will get more permission about recovery progress at a meeting at 10:00 a.m., when is that all those families will be able to go back and assess the damage. there are also yellowcake houses and those gut to see their roses for the first-time homeowners of those services did. >> of the 377 homes, 293 have
5:05 am
been deemed safe. now on the street than i am standing, this is rolling toward cuba were allowed to move back into the lights are still often some of those rooms. pg&e crews are working to restore electricity and if you look beyond those homes were the bright lights are that is where the pipeline exploded that is the disastrous state. that's for investigators are working and that's where workers are trying to repair that gas line. now at this point, it is not clear what is going to happen to the residence that owns more than 80 homes that were severely damaged or destroyed. there is going to be a special meeting this morning, with those residents, and only those residents. other members of the public are not invited to let them know what is going to happen to them and their homes.
5:06 am
san bruno, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> jackie spear will be holding a town hall meeting tonight for those residents affected by a gas line expose and she will be discussing the investigation of trading answering questions he can. if you'd like to attend the meetings are detonate camera. se will continue our coverage on line, we of photos, videos and we welcome more a few of those are videos send a man we'll incorporate them into our coverage. with links from everything from the red cross to contact investigators if your information. more to come. the latest on our forecast as we headed his workweek. say good morning louisa. >> morning james. clear shot this morning of the golden gate, a little bit of fog to the south, some patchy fog. nothing widespread, visibility is not too bad as we headed the afternoon we could see a decrease buthe breeze picked upe
5:07 am
bit. slight chance of rain, we're keeping a site because it could stay at every area. , here's a look to the satellite, fought to the north bay. pockets of its fremont and san jose. 55 san francisco, a kind of chili in the city. still kind of call the napa. as we make our way through the day looks like 10:00 we will see the '50s out there, pretty cool warming up to the '60s by noon, high temperatures all of this yellow sure the '70s. kind of damage a juror of '60s and '70s. high temperatures 75 degrees into santa rosa. 77 napa. warmer spots getting up to 78. 73 redwood city. 75 half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. warming trend for the rest of the week.
5:08 am
not much change in your forecasts. each day is expected to stay fairly similar in terms of temperature. they're good. >> like a said earlier bird is reporting major delays up to 30 minutes. this is affecting trains russophobes, millbrae, so san francisco. i just check the log, there is no estimate on when this roms will be affected by expect delays of the 30 minutes or even more. no drums of the bay bridge toll plaza, nice, quiet ride rain now the overnight construction there was an effect over and done with. the course of meeting lights are off, nice, easy eight minutes in the foot of macarthur maze and to fremont. here i do it heartiness all the way through the maze clocking in 19 minutes. easy conditions underwriter millbrae, you can see a nominee cars on the roadwanot many cars. smooth going on your ride on the
5:09 am
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the new standard of the world. any impact on our developing story continues to be the gas line explosion california regulators have ordered piccinni to survey all this national gas lines in the state. in the wake of course of that devastating explosion that killed four. the issue of your yesterday three days after that class in san bruno destroyed dozens of homes and injured at least 60 people kron4 is kate thompson has more. >> in san bruno the state commission has ordered piccinni to immediately begin inspecting all of its national gas lines in
5:18 am
the state of california it has taken the additional step of appointing an independent expert report which will aid pd any in their recitation the ntsb which is heading up the rustication said that it removed three pieces of a pipe of a large 28 ft. section that was blown l from underneath during the last. they will transported to washington d.c. for further inspection investigators still do not know what caused the blast and asking people to give them any information to help them determine what caused the blast they're asking people to send in cellphone video businesses descended surveillance video and asking anyone with any information to e-mail them. they also stress the importance of anyone who
5:19 am
reported the smell of gas in san bruno leading up to the blast to contact them they've heard reports, the rumors that people made their reports to pg&e and other authorities that a small gas prior to that fire. but investigators say they have not been able to verify those claims. kate thompson, kron4 news. >> time may now off is 5:19 a.m., it is a clear shot of the bay bridge, cloud cover this kind of a coal morning. renown oakland center 50 degrees. temperatures should really get of vintage '50s him for my stay there all afternoon. back then the low 60s by the the clock got hour. there is some
5:20 am
thought to half moon bay, san jose, morgan hill. 51 napa, 58 oakland and hayward. 56 los gatos and san jose. 55 livermore. 10:00, so keeping '50s. nancy some '60s. high- temperature all of this yellow shows as the '70s. wars fought getting into the '70s that we could stay in the '60s for a lot of locations topping out right around 61. keeping in the upper 60s to richmond, vallejo. fairfield, livermore also is antioch. 73 redwood city 62 half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a little bit of a warming trend this louisa in land, still kind of cool, '60s around the bay, low sixties for the coast. they're good. >> and of the and the major bart delays, trackside with them proms is affecting all trains
5:21 am
coming from sfo n mil breakthroughs of san francisco. bart has now released a service advisor is saying is it affecting basically all trains coming from the peninsula a the bay point. 30 minue delays and from bart leaving the peninsula. a little more volume and we saw on our last report of still pretty easy conditions at the westbound towards the city that is from the 580, 80, haiti. once you pass the plate aids is a delay free ride no problems whatsoever clocking nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. ride from cortines to the man is 19 minutes. some of the when i read the san mateo, no promise that new direction as this taillights make their way in the commute direction. this relates making their way into hayward still tracking a pretty decent 13 minutes from end to end. it is a
5:22 am
delay free, easy, choir ride at the golden gate, just a couple cars on the road. their proms headed northbound, so is bound looks good. nevada to city limits 22 minute trip. highway 37-580 still nine minutes. james. thank you, a >> their headlines the lawyer for an american woman cleared for release from a runny prison says he is still waiting for word that her $500,000 bill has been paid uc-berkeley 8 grad students sarah has been in contact with her family and the swiss embassy is handling this now that the u.s. air on do not have diplomatic relations. we're waiting for word on when that payment will be made. a body found in a hercules from has been identified as frederick the cells. the body of the 35 year- old was discovered in the same hole where the body of his father was. police say both men were killed by efren valdemoro he was shot and killed in
5:23 am
richmond following a high-speed chase efren valdemoro girlfriend is the nature and live in that same home her body was found in the car that efren valdemoro was driving during the police chase. meanwhile some national headlines to update you on any wild fire is just 10 percent contained that has forced hundreds of residents out of their homes. that fire destroyed one, and it is threatening others. it is about 35 mi. from where the fire in boulder was burning. firefighters hope to contain that one by this evening. meanwhile apparel fall hurricane igor is threatening to become a category 5 storm as it turns far out over the of lancet. currently it's a category four. igor could reach category five later on today. we're going to take a break, we'll be back with more here on the kron 4 morning
5:24 am
news in just a couple of minutes, let us go of citing give you a quick look from our rooftop camera. weather is ♪
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in we're back, a reminder here we have bart police morning delays of to 30 minutes now before writers from sfo n millbrae's we're talking about traffic to fix lead in daly
5:28 am
city. those standards printing 30 minute delays because of trackside equipment problems to get the latest throughout the morning air get is in the traffic center keith is up to date.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:30 a.m. a developing story continues to be the situation in timber know. forensic testing is scheduled to be done on human remains that have been found there at the side of the explosion at least four people have been confirmed killed, yesterday to of the six missing people were located alive and well. that leaves just four that are missing, the focus of local and federal investigation turns to the pipe. in fact we could be on the verge of a massive expansion of gas lines across the state. kron4 is will trent
5:31 am
is live with manslaughter. >> good morning james let's introduc at the command center. >> good morning james. your bought out from washington d.c. to inspect the pipe. >> the purpose is to investigate the pipe to determine what happened, why it occurred and make recommendations to try and prevent it from occurring again. >> what happened overnight? >> there's white pipe exploded but there's also by some other side was going on with that? >> we know that there's a need for citizens to return home so we're trying to do all the on- site staff to enable the restoration of the infrastructure so that residents can return last night the on- site work we did was to take the pipe, the 28 ft. section of the 30 in. diameter the blue at of the ground embla hundred feet away we're craning at up to take it to washington.
5:32 am
>> friday still abounds of the hills are in now? >> bill crowley be created out as we speak. >> what can the pipe tell you about the moments before this explosion? >> it could possibly include an electronic rise or scope inspection that can look in great detail to see if it were a problem that shows that fatigue was a problem. if chosen from from the excavation it would show that. that is what we need to find out. >> from your investigation so far as you know there's any investigation in that area. >> we found no history of that yet. but will be looking at the pipe to see if there has been any to see if it could cause damage. >> what causes an explosion happened? >> the oxygen in the area you
5:33 am
need a spark, we don't know what the source of this park is. >> on a broader level this is sent shivers down ever went back a matter where you live. is your agency forcing the other larger companies across america to announce that their pipes. >> we're not a regulator we cannot force anybody to do anything we make recommendations based on the findings. one of the things we will be looking at is the increasingly common occurrence of a large pot lines that were built many years ago as this one was in 1956 when the population wasn't so big. another more houses where the pipeline is built. >> what has piccinni towed to? >> they are party to the investigation they are cooperating with us as is the california public utilities commission. >> some people think this might
5:34 am
been prevented because we talk to people about the smell of gas, how is that going to help you with your investigation. >> we've heard those rumors, we're following up on those we have not ascertained anyone who act recalled in a report, we established an e-mail address. to ask anybody to sell gas and called in to let the authorities know use that e-mail address and let us know directly we need to follow-up on those rumors. >> how long you think domestication will take? when will we know what caused it? >> the onsite will probably be a week or 10 days. the final report could take a year or more. to make probable cause and finding recommendations but in the course of that if we see problems that warrant immediate attention will put our recommendations immediately will not wait until the completion.
5:35 am
>> thank you. i also talked to him about the investigation on another matter because they have most of the pipes the two sections including the one section that exploded if he is asking the public defeases crop figure of the right to reported so they can take those fragments back to washington d.c. to investigate. back to you. >> thank you. as you heard the masseter say remnants of those types could possibly be crated rain now. we have jackie sissel 1 or so reporters at the scene, with the latest of what he's seeing. good morning. >> good morning. you can see that piece of pipe is being framed rain now. you can see workers from piccinni as well as ntsb rating of that pie, it's back on the flatbed, just to give one of reference aware i a matter of here, i will, of the extender and pull out a little bit, i am on grandview. i am
5:36 am
about a half a mile or so just north east of where the incident is you can see it's back there were the incident actually happens. they're keeping us for pretty far back, we're able to walk down to the scene itself. still being kept back. that is the big news, fairly around 2:00 a.m. crews started packing up and reading this piece of pipe obviously it's going to be shipped off to be looked at and ntsb is going to investigate it. they will do all types of analysis to figure wrote what made it failed. but for rain now you can see the crews are still live here working hard to get that freight loaded up on this big green and shipped off to washington as a d.c.. >> those are live pictures from the c&s is one of the three sections that they will be sending off their is that section that was blown from the ground and landed 100 ft. away that section is being treated as
5:37 am
well as a 10 ft. section on either end of that railway peace. all that is going to washington for testing. our continuing coverage not only continues on our broadcast but also on line at we have links to the american red cross if you'd like to donate. instructions and links to the investigations, if you would like to report, if you have new information, as you heard from the investigator there were rumors that people had sawgrass in the weeks prior but they don't have any official record of anyone calling and then if the tumor formation, there's an e-mail address, san bruno@n >> good morning, we have major port delays we have an update for you affecting those trains coming from the peninsula, as we take a look of full screen we're tracking 30 minutes or delays due to trackside equipment problems this is trains coming
5:38 am
from sfo, millbrae, says san francisco, daly city. bart is officially reporting that this is affecting all trains coming from the peninsula and the pittsburgh bay. . we'll have more information in our next report. no problems at the bay bridge, traffic is moving as, like. you can see it is nice, easy ride headed westbound towards this city. a bit more volume but still is it the late free ride. nine minutes in the foot of mr. freeman. and is also some of going on your right to san mateo, no reports of any problems or delays in the the direction. golden gate is a nice, easy ride, still does a couple cars on the road your son of fun ride is about a 22 minute trip rain now, i will wrap up with a quick look at the east shore freeway, was founded zero of them more company but still up for the delay free ride as your efforts the bay bridge for was a period checked on that
5:39 am
chilly forecast here is the reason. >> san mateo bridge not seen any dance spots but some patchy fog filling in all some increasing cloud cover and get little breezy, slight chance of some sought char's by this weekend. here is a look there were the fog is settling in, it is starting to work its way into the peninsula a little bit of that fog on the golden gate really mean the along the coastline, sitting in the south bay. from fremont san jose, pockets and livermore. current temperatures for the most part in the '50s, as we head into the afternoon we should double to about 75 degrees for santa rosa, 77 in june napa, fairfield. said bay tempters getting up to 78. cooler annunzio of 71, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares as warming up again in these inland. we'll be right back with kron4 morning news these inland. we'll be right back with kron4 morning news pasteurized processed cheese product?
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in mayor back, reminded a hot spot here and traffic trent bart delays of up to 30 minutes on the sfo millbrae line. they have some trackside equipment failures that they're dealing with no word on when they might get that result in the meantime by election time for your commute again bart delays of up to 30 minutes. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:44 am
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but in we're back, i developing story delayed is that is san bruno or investigators are shipping a 28 ft. section of ruptured pipeline to that ntsb lab in washington d.c. for intense investigation. jackie sissel was showing us the investigators are their boxing, crating out that section also being shipped third to 10th resections removed from the crater from the other side. the right transaction had been the
5:47 am
source and that killed four people. it's ordering pg&e to survey all of its natural gas lines in the state. peoples whose homes crews were considered safe enough were allowed back inside yesterday, a process that began around noon, dave guingona went along some of those residents. >> jerry home was located directly above the area where the explosion occurred this is the first time they had set foot into their home. and the first time she had seen the aftermath with her own eyes. >> it feels a real aim is to be a neighborhood we are lucky tudor's down the house is gone. real small damages. but it is our role. this is devastating. it's bad as people lost everything i do does not recognize the neighborhood. it is pretty sad. i'm not be my
5:48 am
daughter's hamster is still alive, it is is a weird feeling. i don't have words to explain. i'm despite our neighbors are safe. >> piccinni were ever were going door-to-door to make sure everything is safe for the homeowners to inhabit their homes. neighbors gathered to take a look at the destroyed homes below for the first time since their infatuation, 14 year-old has lived with her family honesty's drive or pro- life, they had to run from the house on thursday night and now for the first time in our lives the view looks very different. >> i am thankful, in a july to help. i want to help rebuild the community. sewing seeing it looked dead is >> really sad> dave guingona, kron4 news. >> one of the positive stories
5:49 am
is of course the community reaction help is rolling in in all forms for the victims many agencies took their weekend to help those in need the red cross is asking for only cash donations because they received an overwhelming amount of closed end items for the victims as they do not not need any more closed stages need funds to purchase a critical necessity if you'd like to donate there's a link on our web site at the giants will be helping out, they will dedicate the next home game tomorrows series opener with the dodgers to the victims of san bruno weil fire, $3 from every ticket sold to the fire victims fund and will collect donations from fans that attend the game. let's get the latest on that hot spot in traffic. good morning america. >> good morning, bart is making some progress 20 minute delays
5:50 am
no word on when this will officially be fixed but allows them extra time. quick bridge check, no problems whatsoever the bay bridge toll plaza you can see a bit more volume, still a pretty nice try coming from the 580, 80, 8. the ride from the foot of the macarthur maze is just a five and a ride. it is also a prison is going on your right to the shore freeway, here's a look at our map you can see we're in the green, no problems whatsoever for your redheaded westbound towards the city, over runouts the golden gate, you can see very easy conditions no problems whatsoever for ourselves bound ride coming from iran nevada to san francisco about a 22 minute trip, highway 37 towards 5809 minutes. let's get a check on your monday forecasts. >> kind of a chilly forecasts, family here's our shot a san francisco of their clear shot
5:51 am
but we are dealing with up to fog, 55 degrees in san francisco, and in getting into the upper 50s, high-temperature 61. pretty some large jury were yesterday. currently temperatures in the mid-50s. upper 50 degree readings through oakland, mt. view, hayward. as we head into the afternoon will warm up in the mid-70s to santa rosa, 773 novato, napa. that is free much as warm as it can get up and the upper '70's to places like antioch, livermore. 71 and you, suzanne has a 74. '60s, '70s red around the bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. warming in up ever so slightly and then really not much change for the rest of the week. the low eighties for some of the warmer and in spots, '60s around the bay, those '60s for
5:52 am
the coast, watching the storm system for saturday, sunday if it seems like it has moved to the area but it could drop cells word may be bringing a few sprinkles will keep our eye on that. james. >> an announcement from the golden gate yacht club, regarding the sale in competition, the club says the 34th america's cup will be held in 2013, it does not conflict with the winter olympics. it will also change the style of the asa will be raised, women sailed catamarans.we need stille leading contenders are san francisco, valencia, spain and four near rome that is being considered as well. a live picture of the san jose a shot of traffic in the south bay not bad, and traffic is moving well although it is building as we
5:53 am
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in the merrimack, a quick check and market headlines stock futures are up, the month of september has been a good one for stocks the dow has risen 7-8 trading sessions a report could be a potential market movers,
5:57 am
the treasury department will report on the nation's budget deficit. new numbers for the price at the pump is think five and one final note hertz has a of raised its offer for the dollar thursday new offer 1.4 billion there is a new rumblings that dollar thursday has affected that offer. we'll be back with more, there were 30 minute delays this is now down to 20 minutes on bart. the latest from sandron as well coming up as we continue to file the explosion the investigation continues on the pipe that was blown and the the ground more on ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions,
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